Countdown video promo for Ecclestone Square Hotel. This campaign never went live, but remains a great example of how video can be used to great effect on social media on a small budget.

Large fonts, lots of big movement and clear, concise messaging grab viewers’ attention in a crowded social media timeline. The music track means the video is equally effective viewed with or without sound, as no crucial details are buried in a voiceover.

A feeling of urgency is created with a clear statement of how long the limited offer has left to run. Finally, a clear call to action and a long hold ensures that the message is delivered correctly and the viewer is left in no doubt what to do next.

Once the overall framework of the video has been produced, all that needs to be done to create a series of videos counting down to the close of the offer is to change the “14 days” graphic to 13, 12, 11 and so on. Each video only runs for one day, so the message stays fresh and repeat viewers are driven to make a purchase before they miss out.