CBD oil brand Canaxen needed some printed leaflets to accompany products as they are sent out to customers.

The leaflets needed to be small enough to fit into Canaxen’s small packets without the need for extra folding or getting crumpled in transit. They also needed to be light enough to avoid adding excess weight to the package and increasing postal costs.

As well as offering advice on how to use the products, I designed the leaflets to also generate awareness of the benefits of the rest of Canaxen’s range.

Canaxen’s products are hand-packed, so to maximise efficiency and minimise costs we designed the leaflets to be printed on A5 flyers and folded in half to A6 size as required. Doing it like this gave us four sides of space instead of just two and allowed for folding to get them in small packets while minimising crumpling. The 130gsm silk paper stock gave the leaflets a premium feel and retaining some rigidity without adding any significant weight.