Financial services startup My Care Consultant hired me to design and develop a brand which would represent its services and make an instantly appealing connection with its target audience.

More Than Just a Logo

When I began work with My Care Consultant’s founder Jacqueline Berry, she was still finalising what she would call her new business. So the first thing we did was analyse the names she had shortlisted, checking for criteria such as:

  • Potential clashes with existing brands and recently dissolved companies.
  • Domain name availability.
  • Unnecessary complexity.
  • Unintended connotations.
  • Appeal to target market.

Following these checks, one name in particular stood out: My Care Consultant.

Look and Feel

With the name selected, we began work on the look and feel of the brand. The key service area offered by the company is providing specialist financial advice to people who are either in need of long-term care assistance themselves, or to the adult children of those people.

By definition, people who find themselves in need of My Care Consultant’s services will be facing an unfamiliar situation at a time which they will be undergoing a significant degree of stress. They will undoubtedly feel vulnerable, so it’s absolutely crucial that they feel they can trust My Care Consultant to be on their side.

My Care Consultant needed a brand which would immediately connote warmth, safety and trust, coupled with years of specialist expertise in this particular area of financial services.

We began by testing fonts, searching for one or a combination of no more than two which would speak with the voice we required.

My Care Consultant logo development composite - fonts.
The evolution of font selections and text layout during the development of the My Care Consultant logo.

As you can see from the above composite, the layout emerged early, mainly from the shape of the three words and their importance in communicating the name and purpose at a glance. We experimented with combinations of fonts, but in the end a single font – Deja Vu Serif – provided the combination of authority and warmth that we wanted.

The client told us that she had in mind the image of a sunrise or eclipse for the shape of the device. An eclipse didn’t seem to belong anywhere obvious, but the colours of a sunrise certainly conveyed the warmth we wanted to project.

My Care Consultant logo development composite - shapes.
Evolution of shapes and colours during development of the My Care Consultant logo.

Wanting to keenly avoid any allusion to pills or tablets, we finally settled on the “cradle” design. After some testing among friends and family, this was the design which was adopted and remains My Care Consultant’s logo.

We were then able to apply the design and colours as required, building the broader tone of the brand.

Business cards

  • Project Type: Brand design and application
  • Client: My Care Consultant
  • Role: Designer
  • Year: 2014
  • Website: